Twitli: Twitter client for Android phones

Latest version: 1.9

People tweet all over the world, in all languages. The cool thing about Twitter is that it is one big chat room - or microblog room - rather than millions of separate rooms. However, there are borders between populations that speak different languages. Until today. Twitli can translate tweets on the fly, so you can follow people speaking any language - as long as Twitli supports that language. Twitli uses Google translation, which currently supports translation of 34 different languages.

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Twitli is a Twitter client for Android smartphones. Twitli is aimed at providing a maximum number of features while keeping the user interface easy to use. The number of buttons is limited: rather than putting "follow" and "direct message" buttons on the screen, Twitli gives acess to these features by clicking a user name. After clicking a user name you can
  • send an @reply
  • send a DM
  • view that users messages
  • view their website
  • view their profile
  • see their full name
  • stop following them
  • change their language settings (if translation is on)
  • view tweeps in your current friends timeline on a map
Other features:
  • follow users with one click
  • show your timeline
  • show @replies you received
  • show DMs
  • translate tweets
  • create lists
  • subscribe to lists
  • add geo location to your status updates
  • make a picture, upload to Flickr/Picasaweb/MobyPicture, tweet the picture
  • use instead of Twitter, or switch between the two.
Via the android menu, there is a function "follow" that shows all user names that currently appear in the timeline shown. By clicking a name, you follow that person. This makes it extremely easy to follow people. Following people is what makes Twitter interesting.

Download Twitli for Android here.

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